Is Doraemon going to get a gritty CGI reboot?

My otouto is an artist, and only watching him I’ve understood how remote such people are from computers. Before I have already seen Japanese artists using Windows XP, where they haven’t installed or configured anything besides the program in which they do drawing.

From my perspective what they have on their desktops and how they manage them emerges that picture in my brain, where a perfectly drawn head of a girl has sticks for hands and legs and a cucumber for a body.

Otouto first installed Firefox, but one day later switched to Chrome, because he couldn’t switch the search engine. (There were four preinstalled ones in the FF settings, but no Google, and the idea of searching for it through the addons hasn’t come to him – and by his look I could tell, that he ain’t going to give Firefox a chance in the near future.) He never used an ad blocker, his browser window always flashes with bells and whistles, but he thinks, that this is okay.

I guess most people’s drawing, if shown to him, would raise in his head an unspoken question “people! have you even learned in school?”. The same feeling I get when I see a browser wihtout an uBlock or uMatrix, when I see poorly managed environment and services, that bear no purpose. However, there is a difference with that much more people use or even bound to use computers on a daily basis, than people, who draw and get to know about perspective, volumes, and work of light.

There is a certain type of literacy, that we do not teach, but which is as important as writing for everyone, who uses a computer.

Happy birthday Zeb!

Destination Linux | Episode 99 – "ASCII And You Shall Receive".

On this episode of Destination Linux, they discuss some distro news with VyOS & Fedora. They have great follow up regarding the kernel performance killer news discussed last week.

Blender & Kodi. Later they check out some of Zeb’s favourite type of games!

They also talk about the Plasma Mobile related news from Necuno Solutions of Finland.

#Linux #Necuno #Kodi #Plasma #Zeb

This decision by tumblr seems tone-deaf. Unless they're bleeding money and need advertisers or something. I was never an avid user but I know you could pretty much control it to only see what you wanted to. Do they think they'll bring old users back who left because of porn or something? That can't be the case that that many people stopped using it and now will want to come back due to this.
The internet is serious bidness.

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