Calling an illegal immigrant an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling someone who is breaking and entering into your home an "undocumented tenant".

This is coming from a person who believes illegal immigrants are not worth our time or money to prevent and, if we werent a welfare state, I'd be pushing for open borders.

@freemo should we call people "illegals" when they drive 30 in a 20? No, we call them a speeder. We describe the crime they committed. That's the same thing with "undocumented immigrant"; it describes what they did.

Relatedly, why is "illegal" never used to refer to someone from Britain or Canada who overstayed their visa, it seems to only be used to refer to brown skinned people (citizen, documented, or undocumented)


@trianglman @freemo I get what you're saying but at the same time undocumented immigrant sounds passive to me. Like the immigrant in question just packed their passport in the wrong bag or something.
Illegal immigration is a problem because there are laws in the US defining a legal process in order to immigrate here.
The only reason I can think illegal would be fitting is because an immigrant of questionable origin entire presence is illegal. Illegal seems to mainly be an adverb, illegal turn.

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