@a7 @Terry @MischievousTomato I did do it, for four years. It's a grind mentally, and probably would be physically now that I'm older. Could make it out alright if I was in a bigger market and it wasn't a pandemic tbh.

@a7 @Terry @MischievousTomato But just to clarify I'm not defending not tipping people it's just normally servers tend to get incredibly defensive about it and bring up stuff like their hourly wage that isn't relevant to the discussion, especially when a lot of people, servers included, don't understand how it works.

@a7 @Terry @MischievousTomato yeah, I worked with them, doing the same shit
Re: the minimum wage thing:
That's pretty much the level of work they do in most service positions. You can get almost anybody to be a server unless you're talking the most high end places.
If they're not claiming their cash tips that difference will get made up regardless anyway. Not as much of a point nowadays since you have to claim credit card tips.
Generally though, servers make it out okay despite their whining.

@Terry @MischievousTomato When they say they make less than minimum wage or anything like that, it's a lie. Their wage is lower but if their tips don't actually make up the difference then the restaurant pays it. I worked with some entitled servers who complained about only making $200 on a busy night. ~$25 an hour before their hourly wage.
That being said, I've never had a server who was so bad I even thought about not tipping them.

@ArdanianRight idk some of them rare funko pops value might just pop

Come watch the Owl 🦉
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Snacks, friends, girlfriends, will all be provided.

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minimum wage, just the coldest take 

@dirt I'm not an economics expert but if you peg it to CPI won't that just create some sort of feed back loop and push everyday prices higher?

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Take a minute to reflect on this statement.

"In anticipation of Wednesday’s inauguration, 25,000 National Guard have been deployed in and around D.C. to defend against right-wing mobs or would-be assassins. Three or four times as many troops are here in D.C. as there are U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria combined."


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