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소스애 라뉴가 드러가 있아요

라유에다가 소바를 붙여 먹어요.

겨울"방학" 이라는데 쉬는시간이 하나도 없다

If that's the case, then the decision to choose social media as a place to learn new language was correct I guess. I can get advice which can only be made by native speakers.

Whenever my grandparents and/or my mother tell me to take a bath, they say "목욕해" even if it's just shower with no bathtub. Thanks for letting me know, it was something I've never heard before.

오 그렇습이까. 어머니나 할머니가 저에게 샤워 하라고 말씀하실때 "목욕해"라고 말하니 그것을 그냥 쓰고 있었어요. 지적 감사합니다!

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