아이폰 13 새거를 2개 사서 부품을 바꿔보면 일어나는 일

아이폰 유저들은 이제 사설수리는 포기해야 하네요;;; 점점 아이폰이랑은 접점이 사라지는 느낌. 고칠 권리니 뭐니 해서 이런거 좀 브레이크 걸 줄 알았는데 바랄 걸 바라야 했나

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@saja0486 Yeah. Admittedly, this is not a NEW development per se. But as the video points out, they are getting stricter and stricter with these restriction; with more things breaking with each new version.

I thought with the "right to repair" becoming a thing in EU, they would at least not make this WORSE on their newest device.

Clearly I was wrong...

iPhones ARE still very capable devices, but it looks like chances of me going back to the Apple world is getting slimmer each year.

@nova what’s also frustrating is that when release new iOS or MacOS, etc… it has bugs in it at release.

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