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스웨덴의 첫 여성 총리가 12시간도 채 되지 않아 사임

Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns after less than 12 hours | Sweden | The Guardian "Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns after less than 12 hours | Sweden | The Guardian"

소프트웨어를 만
드는 방법

오늘 [코딩, 빌드, 디버그, 배포, 공동 작업,
분석, 학습]을(를) 수행하시겠어요?

Visual Studio 는 해당 작업을 수행할 수 있습니다.

큰일났어 뜨개질 하다보니까 재밌어...!

한글 쓰세요 한글

영어보다 (물론 용량은 더 나가지만) 글자수가 적어서 마스토돈 500자 안에 더 많은 내용을 담을 수 있어요

I was in a small panic when I tried to post my note on here via the headset; It already passed its character limit, different from when I was writing in my usual language.. Technically korean takes more data size but In terms of mastodon's character limitation it's shorter than english.

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So if you are carrying your VR headset and you don't want to bring another device, and you have internet with remote desktop via browser, so, If you are sufficient with this specific and detailed pinpoint situation I think buying bluetooth keyboard and mouse solely for it could have its own meaning lol

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So meaningless but Could be funny to do so. and the Benefit might be the large screen which is spawned virtually in front of you, so You don't need to bring your monitor, instead take your headset, what? headset is already large to carry in with easy mind lol

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Think of it. You could connect your bluetooth keyboard into your VR headset; especially Quest 2; I'm doing that now, then you could be quite productive even only with Oculus's browser.

Maybe it's my problem, but I can't change my input method into usual korean keyboard and hand tracking annoyes me quite a lot, but Keyboard and mouse are working quite well and then If you use remote IDE connection like Jetbrains' Projector, You could even have a quite good dev time, I think?

싸이월드 도토리가 암호화폐 거래소에 상장된다고

hey i forgot something at ur house you know on the day your phone disappeared *takes your SSD drive* yeah this oh and this too *takes your graphics card* okay seeya

식당에 갔더니 채굴 장비가...
심지어 그래픽카드는 RTX3080...
이러니 그래픽카드가 없지...

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